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Techniplus AP2402 2.4ghz, mk. IX?
Date: 2011 - 2015
Case: Black plastic with large satin metal look section, large badge reminiscent of "mk 8"
Made in: China
Power Output: not stated
Power indicator: single red LED, flashes at 4.5v, off at 4v
Antenna: fixed 52mm length 2.4ghz mast with 3-position angle adjustment
Stick Adjustment: Fixed length sticks, on/off/on momentary trim tabs, 70/30 throttle split lever
Servo reversing: Yes, by switch
Power Source: four AA cells (6v)
Receiver: GR-24 - no BEC
Receiver Antenna length: very short!
Box: Construction changes to light corrugated card box; Black & white with red lines. Contents now just TX, RX & manual.
Overall: Look and feel are a huge improvement over the previous "mk 8". Prices are a lot higher than the current 27mhz offerings - but 2.4ghz technology means no crystal swapping, glitching, or long RX antennas. Reverting to two sticks also means appeal to old-timers like me (unlike the first Acoms 2.4ghz set - the steerwheel & trigger "Technisport").
The omission of BEC is a backwards step - it can't be used with the Tamiya TEU101BK / 104BK ESCs without an additional UBEC unit.


Technical data:
– Operating voltage 9.6 – 12 V
– Fully proportional steering of both channels (servos)
– Dual rate for the steering servo- servo-reverse and trim function for acceleration and steering
– Power supply of the BEC-receiver by driving batteries with 4.8 – 7.2 V possible.
– Connector system Graupner-J/R. Charge socket