JR XS3 40mhz Surface Radio set


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40Mhz Crystal-less Surface Radio set With RS310 Synth RX and 2 x JR servos

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Since RC's earliest days, the frequencies of the signals we transmit have been determined by crystals - those fragile metal pills we plug into our radios and receivers. For racers, that has meant keeping at least two extra crystal sets ready to resolve frequency conflicts at the track. Even if you aren't a racer, chances are you've had to buy at least one extra set of crystals to avoid being on the same channel as another guy at the local hot spot or to replace a set of crystals that went bad.

Well, you can forget all that. Crystal-free technology has arrived, and JR Racing is the first to offer a radio system with a crystal-free transmitter and receiver that have been designed and manufactured in-house to work together. 

What does this button do?
The XS3 has a thumb switch (grip button "C") that can be used for three functions, depending on your needs:

• Emergency Steering. If you select this mode, activating the switch will override the dual-rate steering setting to give you full steering throw. This is useful if you've dialed out much of your car's steering but find you need to make a U-turn to get out of a crash. If you can get back into the race without waiting for a marshal, you'll have a real advantage.

• Lap Timer. The XS3 uses an "up timer," which means it starts at zero and counts up. Once the lap timer has been activated, each consecutive press of grip button "C" records a lap. Up to 50 laps can be stored, and you can scroll through them on the LCD screen.

• Gear-Shift Toggle. This mode is for those who drive third-channel-reverse trucks. It activates the third servo, and each button click sends the servo to the end of its travel range (as set by you with the endpoint function).

More on that third channel...
Grip button "C" can't be used for proportional third-channel control, but that doesn't mean the XS3 lacks this capability. If you assign grip lever "A" to the third channel, it will operate the third servo proportionally when you click the switch in the direction you want the servo to go. This is perfect for making onboard fuel/air mixture adjustments in nitro vehicles (not done much in cars, but it's common in boats), or you could use it to make a wing servo-adjustable or operate "special-effects" functions. How about a rotating turret on your touring car?

XS3 features

  • Steering, throttle and third-channel endpoints
  • Six-model memory with three-character model-naming capability
  • Adjustable throttle deadband
  • Steering, throttle and brake exponential
  • Steering/throttle mixing
  • Steering, throttle and third-channel subtrim
  • Steering dual rate
  • Direct trim
  • LCD display
  • 6 Model memory
  • User-assignable grip levers
  • Adjustable wheel tension
  • Low-voltage alarm