Artesania Latina Sanson Harbor Tug


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The Sanson tugboat modeling kit is the perfect gift for advanced modelers. With the acquisition of this wooden model you will have all the necessary parts to complete this scale model 1:50: fine woods, threads, metallic accessories... Get this artwork of naval modeling in your personal collection.

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Discover the Sanson wooden model, a beautiful tug boat of the 30s. Equipped with a powerful steam boiler of 2,000 CV of power, the ship could go with speeds of 14 knots while it went to the rescue of ships of much greater span.

In the mid-nineteenth century, navigation experienced a great revolution, the main factor of which was the introduction of mechanical propulsion. As a consequence ships gradually increase their size and displacement, losing in the process ease to maneuver in docks and ports.

As a result of this, tugboats are born, new types of small-tonnage vessels with low draft but with motive power and maneuverability more than enough to assist ships much larger than themselves. Now you have your fabulous model to build it in your own house.  


Build your 1:50 scale model of the Sanson, a classic high-altitude tug boat. Its system of construction by means of false keel and frames about the assembly of your model to the construction of the real ship.

The Sanson modeling kit contains high precision laser-cut board parts, fine woods, brass, cast and iron. For the assembly you will be able to follow our complete full colour guide step-by-step in 4 languages, accompanied by the drawings of the boat, both of them on DVD format. The kit does not include printed instructions.

Tools and Adhesives required to complete.

Model Measurements : 605 X 130 X 350 Mm