Artesania Latina Stage Coach 1848


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Wood, metal and leather constructions makes this a great display model, complete with lighted lantern!

The 1/10 scale model kit includes everything you need to be able to complete the model apart from tools and adhesives.  High quality wood and metal parts, and a complete set of step-by-step color instructions. This scale replica of the Far West stage coach is intended for any level of modeler.

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In the United States, stagecoaches ran between Boston and Rhode Island as early as 1716, but no further design developed until the middle of that century. But the stagecoach as we all now recognise it was developed much later on. they were almost the only public cross-county transportation available to the vast majority of the population. However it was during the development of the West that the famous Stagecoaches really made their mark. The majority of them in the West came to be under contract to the U.S. government to carry mails, notices of new legislation, payrolls to the troops, transferring money, but passengers were always carries on different stages.

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Material : Wood, Metal
Minimum Age  :14 Years
Scale : 1/10
Model Measurements : 400 X 125 X 260 mm