ArttyStation Opera 19A (26mm) Slide and Tilt Paint Shelf


New product

It is a storage shelf that can store up to 60 paints. By combining several products, you can conveniently store more paints.

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R 1,000.00

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  • OPERA module series: Tilting&Sliding drawer paint box
  • Despite its small size, a great number of paint can be stored for it hold all the way to the inside
  • Arttystation's patented tilting&sliding drawer method allows you to easily take out and put in the paint stored in the innermost area.
  • It is possible to store up to 60 acrylic/enamel paint types
  • It is possible to store up to 40 lacquer-based paints that have long bottle diameters
  • You can connect the top/bottom/left/right as much as you want without limit using the module method


  • Weight 2Kg
  • Width 300mm
  • Height 150mm
  • Depth 150mm
  • Thickness 9mm, 3mm
  • Materials E1 Grade
  • Formaldehyde Emission Standard