OS Brushless Motor 3820 960kv


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Superior quality, Hi Efficiency brushless motor that conforms to OS engines' high quality.

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R 1,500.00

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R 1,850.00

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For .20 - .25 size airplanes
Stainless steel prop shaft projects on either side to allow front
or rear mounted applications
Two front bearings
Rigid rear mounting design
Centrifugal fan design with angled ventilation holes draws air
through the motor and across the windings and magnets for improved


.25 Brushless Electric Motor with Backplate, four Phillips Head
Mounting Screws, 3mm Gold Plated Male Plugs attached to leads,
three 3mm Female Plugs with Shrink Wrap, Prop Adapter and
Instruction Sheet


60A brushless ESC


Rated Power (W):  945
Rated Voltage (V):  11.1
Rated Current (A):  40
Max. Current (A):  80 
No-load Current (A):  1.7 
Phase Resistance (mΩ):  26.7
Max. Efficiency (%):  80 
KV:   960
Poles:  14 

The OS OMA-3820-960 High Performance Brushless Motor is designed equivalent for 1.2 to 1.5m wingspan airplanes.