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HotStuff SuperGlue Accelerator - 200ml Aerosol


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Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue Accelerator - 200ml Aerosol Can

Instantly Sets Superglues to form an even stronger bond.

Made in Germany

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There are many uses for super glue accelerators but the most common, and obvious use, is to speed up the cure time of super glue. In addition, super glue accelerators can lead to a stronger final bond, especially in dry climates and between difficult substrates that contain a lot of oil or acid (think wood).

Super glue uses the moisture in the air to cure. It is a highly reactive adhesive, once it begins to cure it forms a permanent bond with the substrate. A super glue accelerator helps to provide moisture to speed up the curing process - it can also help out in dry climates.