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HotStuff SuperGlue (CA) - GEL 20g


New product

Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue 20g Extra-Thick GEL (THIXOTROPIC) viscosity, very slow set CA in a Tube

Also available in Thin, Medium, and Thick viscosities.

Optimum gap filling. Ideal for bonding porous materials and vertical applications.

NOT Foam-safe

Harmful if swallowed, instantly bonds skin and eyes.

Produces fumes  - use in a ventilated area.

Made in Germany

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R 110.00

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Product Description

HotStuff CA GEL is a high viscosity suface insensitive cyanoacrylate, formulated to provide high tensile and shear strengths on a wide variety of substrates. CA GEL is also thixotropic, which reduces the migration of the liquid adhesive following application. Due to the surface insensitive nature of CA GEL, this grade also maintains a rapid fixture time on acidic surfaces such as wood, leather and dichromated metals.

Typical Applications

HotStuff CA GEL is used in a huge cross section of industrial applications. From OEM to MRO industries, this grade can be used on a variety of plastic, rubber and metal bonding applications including automotive, white goods and furniture manufacturing. Typical examples shown below:

• Bonding centre consoles, dashboards and weather stripping
• Bonding identification tags to equipment
• Bonding rubber pads to equipment base or legs
• Bonding components in a speaker cone
• Bonding leather and rubber during shoe manufacture
• Bonding fabric on lampshades

Properties of Uncured Material


Ethyl Cyanoacrylate


Colourless Gel



Cure System



Performance of Cured Material

Fixture Speed

< 90 Seconds @ 200C

Full Cure Time

24 hours @ 200C

Typical  Strength

5 to 25 N/mm2

Gap Fill


Temperature Range

-550C to 820C