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HotStuff SuperGlue (CA) - Thick 20g


New product

Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue 20g Thick viscosity, slow set CA

Also available in Medium, Thin and Gel viscosities.

Improved gap filling properties on metals, plastics, and rubbers
Ideal for applications where gap filling properties of up to 0.2mm are required.

NOT Foam-safe

Harmful if swallowed, instantly bonds skin and eyes.

Produces fumes  - use in a ventilated area.

Made in Germany

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R 50.00

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HotStuff Medium CA is a vmedium viscosity adhesive that is used for a variety of bonding applications, but is ideally suited for bonding metals, plastics and rubber to themselves or various combinations.


Base                            :  Ethyl Cyanoacrylate              Colour                        :  Clear

Flash Point                  :  80 ºC                                     Specific Gravity          :  1.055 ~ 1.065

Shelf Life                     :  12 months                             Viscosity                     :  260 ~ 350 cps

Full Cure Time            :  24 hours                                Tensile Shear Strength:  209 ~ 260 kg/cm²



Metal to Wood            :  <40 seconds                          Plastic to Plastic          :  10 ~ 25 seconds

Wood to Wood            :  >60 seconds                          Rubber to Rubber       :  5 ~ 20 seconds