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Phoenix_R_C_Pro_Simulator_V5_0_RTM5000_b_0__85470   Nothing is more frustrating than building or buying your first model, just to almost  immediately crash it due to inexperience or orientation issues.
Save yourself THOUSANDS of rands by investing in a quality simulator from Clowns Hobbies. Many expert pilots and even instructors still spend a minimum amount of time on the simulator every day , just to master or perfect that next maneuver.

Phoenix Simulator

Phoenix is the incredibly popular worldwide R/C simulator that lets you master this complex and rewarding hobby in the comfort of your own home.
Whether you are a brand new pilot picking up your first trainer model, or a seasoned veteran practicing for your next big competition, Phoenix has everything you need to take your skills to the next level.
Blending incredibly life-like and accurate model physics with beautiful cutting-edge graphics and a multitude of unique features, Phoenix is a fantastic package for beginners and professional model pilots alike.

  • Features :phoenix1
    Almost 200 Aircraft to fly with, including Multicopters, Airplanes, Gliders, Helis and Gyros.
    Phoenix is also the only R/C sim to include official models from E-Flite, JR, ParkZone and Hangar 9.
    Over 25 beautiful Photofield sites are featured such as Club Fields, Air Strips, Slope-Soaring sites, Water Sceneries and a range of exotic locations from around the World using our High Definition Photofield technology.
    InfinityScape sites are not like ordinary 3D terrains. Each InfinityScape site is procedually generated every time you fly, and you control the look and feel of the scenery. With InfinityScape there are no map boundaries – range as far and wide as you want to, and every metre of terrain is as detailed as the last.
    PhoenixBuilder is the free companion toolset for Phoenix that lets you create new models, flying sites or colour schemes quickly and easily.
    Phoenix featured a great selection of dedicated modes for training and learning new techniques. Use our Hover, Prop-hang, Auto-rotation and Spot-landing trainers to improve your skills or browse our library of tutorial videos voiced by expert pilots.
    Perfect your skills with our range of fun and exciting competitions, including Balloon Bursting, Streamer Cutting, Lazer Combat and much more. Compete in Solo High-Score and Challenge modes, or online against other real-life pilots.



Don’t just fly solo! Phoenix includes a free complete Internet Online Multiplayer system which lets you find and fly with other pilots from around the globe.
Use our Online Automatic Updates system to find the latest new content for your simulator, and expand your Phoenix experience with extra models, flying sites and program updates released on a regular basis for free.phoenix-sim2

Phoenix simulator is available in THREE variations to suit your particular needs :
As a standalone simulator package, including software, manual and USB cable.
As the above package PLUS a Spektrum DX4e 2.4Ghz radio that can be used with your first trainer airplane
We also offer a discount if the Simulator is purchased in conjunction with a 6 or more channel radio.products_1392332203_phoenixsimulator5dx4e

Unbeatable Realism in aircraft physics, Photo realistic scenery, custom wind and weather, and many aircraft choices and scenery locations to choose from. Want to know more? Click HERE for more details on Phoenix Simulator

More Simulators coming soon…..