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RC Helicopters


RC Helicopters have captured the imagination of many RC  enthusiasts, and have become extremely popular in recent times. At Clowns Hobbies we have carefully selected the brands that represent value for money, ease of flight, maximum performance and backup service. There may be other brands on the market that are cheaper, but the following brands represent the best long term investment.

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We stock the following brands of Helicopters :


Align Helicopters are a favourite for beginners to expert flyers. These helis are well known for their performance and quality. Align helicopters are available in sizes ranging from the petite Trex 100, all the way to the impressively large camera ship, the Trex 800 TREKKER.

There are many models and variations to choose from, we will gladly help you choose the right one for your needs.

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Blade Helis some quality Helicopters in their stable, from beginner models to the 450X 3D capable Sport Heli.


WL Toys’ range of Micro Helis and Quadcopters have proven to be a favourite amongst all pilots, beginner to expert. These products are exceptionally tough, fly really well, and are some of the only helis in their price range in SA that have a full spares backup!