RC Cars


When buying an RC Car, the most important choices to make are :

  • On-road or Off-Road
  • Electric or Nitro/Gas

On-road cars go FASTER, Off-road cars can go ANYWHERE

You need a long, really smooth surface for on-road models

Tar will play havoc on your off-road tires.

Power systems each have their particular set of advantages and disadvantages too:

Electric :

  • Pro: Quiet, you can run them in your area without irritating the neighbors.
  • Pro : Clean, no oily mess, smoke etc.
  • Pro : Simple, just charge, plug in and Go!
  • Con : Around 5-10 minutes play for every 2-3 hours of charging (Unless you have a decent charger, in which case charging time drops to 1 Hour).
  • Con : Buying more batteries (you will want around 4-5 packs) can be a costly exercise.


  • Pro : The noise and power you get from a nitro engine.
  • Pro : Quick to refuel, as long as you have fuel, you keep playing.
  • Con : Messier, more post-run maintenance is needed.
  • Con : A knowledge (easy!) of tuning engines is required.

The main RC Car Disciplines are

  • Off-road Buggies/Truggies
  • Off-road Stadium trucks
  • On-Road Racing
  • 1/10 Drifting
  • Rock Crawling
  • RC Trucks and Trailors


What is the difference between BRUSHLESS and BRUSHED motors?

  • Brushed motors are cheaper than Brushless Motors.
  • Brushless motors offer much more power than Brushed motors.
  • Brushless motors do not wear out as quick as brushed motors.

For someone who wants to start in the RC car hobby, we strongly recommend the HSP range of cars. These cars offer the following great benefits to the 1st time RC Car Buyer :

  • Great price
  • Local Agents (Cape Town based)
  • Ease of use
  • VERY affordable parts availability
  • Excellent performance
  • Come see these, and other models in out new store today!
  • Wide range of models and spares in-store.

Our current best sellers are the HSP range of RC cars. These cars are very well priced, spares are readily available, and their performance is really good!

1/24 HSP Dominator

Scale : 1/24
Length : 160mm
Speed : 15km/h
Age group: 8 to 12yrs
4WD : Yes
Motor : Brushed Electric







1/16 HSP Hunter







Scale : 1/16
Size : +- 300mm
Motor : Brushed
Speed : approx 25Km/h
Age Group : 11 – 17yrs
4WD : Yes
Motor : Choice of Brushed


HSP 1/10 Brontosaurus / Brontosaurus PRO

Scale : 1/10
Size : +- 430mm
Speed : Brushed – 40Km/h ; Brushless 65Km/h  ******BEST SELLER*******
Age Group : 10 to adult (Brushed version recommended for kids under 14)
4WD : Yes
Motor : Choice of Brushed or Brushless Electric

HSP 1/10 Nitro Monster


Scale : 1/10
Size : +- 430mm
Speed : 65km/h
Age Group : 10 to adult (adult supervision recommended for kids under 14)
4WD : Yes
Motor : .18 cu inch Nitro Sport motor

HSP 1/8 Rock Crawler






Scale : 1/8
Size : +- 645mm
Speed : 10km/h
Age Group : 8 to adult
4WD : Yes
Motor : 540 Brushed electric x 2

Video : (turn sound off if required)

HSP 1/8 SAVAGERY / NOKIER Brushless Truck

Scale : 1/8
Size : +- 540mm
Speed : 70+km/h
Age Group : 15 to adult
4WD : Yes
Motor : HUGE brushless power motor!






We also supply cars, parts and accessories from the following excellent brands :

(Click on the logos for the brand website. Order from us by supplying the PART NUMBER of the item you need. We normally have a 2-4 working days lead time when ordering items we do not have in stock already. )


At Clowns Hobbies we have carefully selected the following brands and choose to stock them because of Price, Quality, Support and Parts Availability.  These brands have a long history of producing quality products with good support. Click on the relevant Logo to see the full lineup of cars per individual Brand. Once you have found just the right car for your individual needs, please give us a call for the latest pricing and availability. Click on the Logos below to see the models available in each brand.
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