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Multicopters and Drones


The latest hot trend in RC is the use of Multicopters and fixed wing drones for Aerial photography. These aerial video platforms are extremely popular in the following professions :

  • Estate agents
  • Security Companies
  • Building and construction
  • Amateur and pro Photography
  • Farm management
  • Game counting
  • many more…

At CLOWNS HOBBIES you will find only the best of the best , proven and reliable systems with a good track record and full spares backup service.

We supply the following brands of copters from beginner level to expert systems.

   JJRC     –    Blade Heli

Here are just some of our most popular models :

JJRC H36 Mini Drone

Get all the fun out of the JJRC H36 Mini drone. It’s unique design includes an anti-crash 4-blade propeller driving system as well as a 6-axis gyro which gives you high flight performance and great stability. Features such as Headless mode and 360 degree Roll Over are just a few highlights of the H36’s abilities and performance.

  • Size : 9.5 x 9.5 x 5 cm
  • Weight : 16.6 g
  • Configure frequency : 2.4 G
  • Range : 30 m
  • Gyroscope : 6-axis gyroscope
  • Battery : 3.7V 150mAh LiPo
  • Charging time : Approx. 30 – 50 mins
  • Battery life : Approx. 5 mins
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor flights
  • 4 Channels

JJRC H20W Camera Hexacopter Drone





Blade helis are proven and reliable platforms that offer excellent quality and performance at great prices. The fact that the product enjouys local agent support and backup is a bonus for the end user too.

The Blade Chroma features the best is both price and features of all the multicopters that we stock.



The Blade Chroma is your dream drone. With 30 minute flight times, 4K CGO3 camera and Android-operated transmitter, the Chroma is simply the best.

  • 30 minute flight times
  • High quality CGO3 4K camera
  • Android-powered ST-10+ radio
  • Follow Me technology
  • Live telemetry
  • Team View allows multiple users to watch video feed
  • Advanced GLONASS and GPS system

A Drone Revolution

Behold the Chroma. This game-changing drone from Blade offers everything you could ever dream of. The Chroma’s 3S 5400mAh LiPo battery can give you flight times around 30 minutes, making it the longest-flying drone to date. This extended battery power gives you plenty of time to take advantage of the included C-GO3 4K camera.

CGO3 Camera – A Stunning 4K Drone

The CGO3 is the Chroma centrepiece. This unit combines a high definition camera and three-axis brushless stabilisation gimbal, allowing you to capture steady 4K/30fps or 1080p/120fps video. This video can be streamed to the ST-10+ transmitter in real time, in addition to multiple iOS and Android devices with the free CGO app (these devices will require 802.11N WiFi connectivity). You can also use the camera to shoot 16MP photos from the sky with sharp detail. The CGO3’s resolution and frame rate is adjustable and the camera features a no-distortion lens, which removes the fisheye effect. All these camera controls easily accessible on the included ST-10+ radio.

ST-10+ Transmitter – The Power In Your Hands

Controlling the Chroma and its camera is easy, thanks to the included ST-10+ transmitter. You may be familiar with this radio, which is also included with the Q500 4K. The ST-10+ has an Android operating system built into its large 5.5” touchscreen. This screen displays live telemetry, giving you important flight data such as speed, altitude and battery voltage. It features clearly-marked switches and buttons, in addition to simple slider switches to adjust the camera tilt and drone speed.

Aerial Photography (AP) Mode for Experienced Pilots

In AP Mode, Stick Relativity is switched off, allowing the drone to respond like a conventional model. Additionally, SAFE Circle is deactivated, giving you greater control authority. That said, AP Mode maintains features previously mentioned in Smart Mode. This includes automatic holding of the position and altitude when the control sticks are released. Furthermore, the control response remains smooth, allowing you to capture excellent panning and tracking shots.

Follow and Watch Me Modes

chroma follow me mode

An exciting feature of the Chroma is the inclusion of Follow and Watch Me Modes. Follow Me Mode allows the drone to act like your co-pilot! As the name suggests, the drone will follow your movements on the ground, allowing you to concentrate on panning and tilting the camera; lining up the best shots possible. The drone will follow you at an altitude and distance that you set beforehand. You can then resume control at any time. In Watch Me Mode, the drone will follow and keep the camera pointed at whoever is holding the ST-10+ radio on the ground. That person essentially becomes the star of the show! Just like Follow Me Mode, the Chroma will follow that person at a distance and altitude that is preprogrammed. Control can be resumed at any time.

Return Home

Return Home Mode is a handy function designed to ensure safe landings time and time again. With the flip of a switch, the Chroma will return to its start-up point and land automatically. This is a great feature if you are a first-time flyer, but is also an easy way to regain visual contact if you lose sight in flight. Additionally, Return Home will activate automatically if the controller signal is lost. As with the other modes, you can always resume control at any time.

Flight Boundaries Adjustable

chroma adjustable boundaries

The Chroma can stay within altitude and distance limits that you pre-program. This allows you to fly within responsible, safe and legal parameters. These boundaries can easily be adjusted using the Chroma programmer and is a great way to avoid important airspace (and neighbouring houses)!

Comes Ready-to-Fly

The great thing about the Chroma is that it comes ready-to-fly with everything you need included in the box. This includes a charger and AC adapter for the battery, spare propellers and a screen shade for the ST-10+ transmitter. Blade have also added a USB programmer cable and a micro SD card for the camera. The Chroma is one of Blade’s finest creations. For the avid aerial photographer or filmer, this is a must-have. Order yours now.

For more information on Blade helis, please click on the image below. Please contact us pricing and availability..

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