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* Clowns Hobbies, and our online portal, are open for online orders




In compliance with Government Regulation 43321 of 14 May 2020, we are thrilled to announce that our on-line division will be able to trade again.

The shop will unfortunately remain CLOSED for walk-in customers, except for collections of orders by appointment.


SCALE MODELS : Our scale models and accessories like paint, tools and more, are available for order on with immediate effect. We are currently working on correcting any stock inaccuracies, so please bear in mind that some items may not be available to ship at time of order. We will do our utmost to re-stock the items you need and ship them to you ASAP.

RC models and accessories are currently being loaded onto our all new e-shop, which will go live very soon. In the meantime, kindly drop us an email with your order, and we will be able to ship to you. Need to chat? Give us a call on 021 945 1296 to discuss your order.

COLLECTIONS : Please note that due to stringent Covid-19 safety measures , we will be following the following protocols for collections at our store. :

Customers will only be allowed to collect orders at the store by appointment.

We have created a sanitised collection station, where customers can sanitise, pay and collect their pre-arranged order. Unfortunately access to the main shopfloor will be restricted to staff only.

What the future holds :

I am sure I speak for all LHS owners when I say that all these years , we have been doing this for the LOVE of the hobby and the enjoyment we get of serving this awesome community. Financial considerations have always been second in my mind. But in 2020, things have changed…

Unfortunately the impact of the shutdown has hit us hard, as with other industries. We have been forced to take a long , hard look at ways to survive this global economic downturn, and some hard decisions had to be made.

With the effects of this pandemic that will still be felt for months to come, we feel that a substantial , possibly permanent, new way of doing things will be required going forward.

For now, we have decided to close the physical shop as of end May. The good news is that we will still be here, and all our products will be available on our websites for you to order.

On a personal note, I would like to thank each and every one of you for sticking with us through these tough times. We have had SO many phone calls, messages and emails where our customer base have shown their support over the last 7 weeks. In this new era, many have re-evaluated what IS important in life, and re-kindled their love for hobby related activities. (silver lining and all that). this bodes well for the hobby industry and I hope this new momentum carries into the future.

With lots of time to think, I too have had a re-evaluation of my life and future. 15 years ago, I acquired a well established but tiny hobbyshop. Over the years we have grown to be one of the largest, best stocked hobby outlets in SA. This has taken dedicated focus and relentless drive, and i have enjoyed every minute of it. An opportunity has come around where I get to pursue another passion of mine (in the food industry). In time, this may just become my primary focus. I would hate to do two things halfway, so I am reluctantly realising that I may need to pass the hobby reigns over to someone with new ideas, passion and energy to take Clowns Hobbies to new heights. Especially with recent global developments, I truly believe there is a bright new future for this great shop.

It is with a sad heart that I am thus offering CLOWNS HOBBIES up for sale.
Serious buyers can contact me directly to discuss terms.

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