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.UPDATE : 1 July 2020

“My fellow South Africans”

With the new new month comes new news!

Over the last 2 months since the announcement that the shop is up for sale, we have had an absolute deluge of messages from customers expressing their dismay at the possible loss of one of SA’s greatest hobby institutions. These sentiments touched our hearts, and we truly could not agree more.


We have had more than one offer to purchase on the shop, but right now, banks are reluctant to extend credit to their customer base. It will be a few months still before any paperwork can be finalised. (may the best bank win 😉 ) The initial plan was to close the physical shop and move all our stock to an on-line facility, but we have had a re-think, and decided that this would be a disservice to our loyal customer base.

I am delighted to therefore announce that the shop will remain open and right where it is, until further notice!

The sale of the shop remains likely in the next 3-4 months, and so far all interested parties have indicated that, in such an event, they will keep the shop open and trading at its current location.

BUT (there is always a but…)

We are currently in the pre-peak of the Corona Virus Pandemic in SA. Our current numbers (01/01/2020) look like this :


This is a far cry from the initial estimates of a 3000 per day peak infection rate, and it is very clear that the worst of this is yet to come. Regardless of any financial implications, YOUR and OUR safety will always be our primary concern.

We are not going to take any chances, so for now, the status quo will remain, and the shop will be open weekdays 11am to 1pm for collecting of online orders under strict safety protocols. Please assist us in complying with governmental regulations by wearing your mask when entering the store, sanitise before and after the transaction, and keep the number of people in the foyer to an absolute minimum (no more that 5).

In time, this too shall pass, and we hope to be able to open the shop completely in the near future. We truly miss having the usual buzz of shoppers milling around between the shelves.

For now, please support us by placing your orders online, or by email, or by phone.

To thank you for your continued support, we will be announcing some incentives in the next few days, please keep an eye on our website and social media platforms.


In Short :

  • The shop will NOT close down
  • We will continue to trade and grow our product range
  • Access to the shop floor is still temporary restricted – Kindly order and collect.
  • Sale and Specials starting soon
  • The shop is still up for sale


SCALE MODELS : Our scale models and accessories like paint, tools and more, are available for order on with immediate effect. We are currently working on correcting any stock inaccuracies, so please bear in mind that some items may not be available to ship at time of order. We will do our utmost to re-stock the items you need and ship them to you ASAP.

RC models and accessories are currently being loaded onto our all new e-shop, which will go live very soon. In the meantime, kindly drop us an email with your order, and we will be able to ship to you. Need to chat? Give us a call on 021 945 1296 to discuss your order.

COLLECTIONS : Please note that due to stringent Covid-19 safety measures , we will be following the following protocols for collections at our store. :

Customers will only be allowed to collect orders at the store by appointment.

We have created a sanitised collection station, where customers can sanitise, pay and collect their pre-arranged order. Unfortunately access to the main shopfloor will be restricted to staff only.

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